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arthurB’s interest in music started with a desire to learn Yann Tiersen’s “Rue De Cascades” on the piano. From there, curiosity led to messing around on a demo version of Ableton Live 8, recreating live edits of Daft Punk tracks from their Alive 2007 tour and sharing them on SoundCloud. Going down this path, eventually he started creating his own sounds, while very rough and amateurish, they had potential. Over the years he spent his time on forums, learning the secrets of production and sending demos to friends and other producers for feedback, all the while working on his own unique sound.

In 2016 when he finally felt it was time, he established his presence with iSO, a concept to share music online and around the world without being bound by genres. Later that same year, after years of preparation, “The Shadow” was released, his first studio album spanning multiple genres and styles.

Now it’s time to turn to the next chapter.

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